India Writing Project: Essential Registration Information

What is the program fee for participating?

The program fee for the India Writing Project varies depending on the number of submissions you would like to make. For a single entry, the fee is Rs.699. For a double entry, the fee is Rs.1249, and for a triple entry, it's Rs.1699. This fee is all-inclusive and covers your participation in the program. It also guarantees you a participation certificate and a feedback report from our panel of esteemed judges. We have designed the program fee structure to be flexible and accommodate a wide range of participants with diverse needs. The process of fee payment is straightforward and secure, enabling participants from any location to register with ease.

Exciting Update on Registration for the India Writing Project!

-Initial Entry: Register for your first submission at Rs. 699.
-Second Entry: Once your first entry is approved, you can submit a second piece for just Rs. 550.
-Third Entry: After your second entry is approved, you have the option to submit a third piece for Rs. 450.